Dollar Tree – Racine, WI

3925 Durand Ave, Racine, WI 53405 (262) 598-8375 

13 hours ago

Dollar Tree
These unique $1 accessories are the bee’s knees! Head in stores now, before it’s too late.

These unique $1 accessories are the bee’s knees! Head in stores now, before it’s too late. ... See MoreSee Less


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None of my stores look like this. I've been to three different locations that are a MESS! I really love shopping at Dollar tree but I'm so tired of the mess. I literally had to walk over items in the walkway today

This done with stuff from the DT Stand not from DT

I love Dollar tree but the one by my house on fair ave and Lincoln sucks! there usually more then one worker ride and impolite , and nothing is in stock and put out , boxes every where, 1/2 of the items are available , and when asked they respond with "we are putting it out today don't you see " ? , definitely won't be going anymore ,

Store on Labarre says open at 8:00 and store actually unlocked door at 9:22. We had been here earlier and left and came back.

I’m like most of the others... online it says y’all open at 9am. Got there and I along with other people were waiting and on the door it says 10am. This needs to be fixed! My daughter and I gave up and left.

Love the Dollar Tree!

Honestly at most stores in my area it’s too late. These have been very popular

Just left there along with a bunch of other people, door locked, can’t see any employees in the store, called and no answer. We all gave up and left.

I love $tree

Dollar Tree is fantastic! I’d never been to one before until I saw a candle holder online I wanted for my daughters wedding! I went to 10 dollar trees today to find 80 of them. Every employee was so nice and happy in every store! And I found 80 of the candle holders! Love your chicago suburban dollar trees!!! ❤️❤️❤️

If our dollar tree looked like that, went in on Friday and was sadly disappointed by the things up for sale

Standing outside of your door and you are not open? Sign says 9:00 AM

Y’all da best ❤️

I'm a regular costumer at your Eastgate Mall store in Memphis. At least I WAS. Everynight I would go there to get change for the bus. But tonight I was accused of putting something in my pocket by an employee named Kristin(sp?). Of course I showed the employee my pockets and nothing. Why the Hell would I steal from a Dollar store that I frequent? Well you will no longer get my business. I suggest you teach your employees about high risk, low reward actions.

Where is the dislike button 👎 for store 4016! This store is RUDE, messy, disorganized and I would drive elsewhere rather than give this lazy staff anymore of my business! 😡 😡 😡

My mom was telling me that you could make a costume from here for almost 5 dollars or less

Happy Halloween to the best Team Store Dollar Tree in Conover nc


Cheyenne Kennedy

Robyn Broom

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Sally Beauty – Racine, WI

5630 Washington Ave #11, Racine, WI 53406 (262) 637-6320 

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Auto Zone – Racine, WI

2301 Durand Ave, Racine, WI 53403 (262) 554-7870 

6 days ago

To any AutoZoners affected by recent storms: Our AutoZone Assistance Fund is here to help you recover. Click the link in to learn more:

To any AutoZoners affected by recent storms: Our AutoZone Assistance Fund is here to help you recover. Click the link in to learn more: ... See MoreSee Less


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Do you have any funds to help local folks in need? Your link was just for employees..

hi, i tired to buy ramps at taylor, texas auto zone. yellow sign said 10 off for at least the last 3 days.. finally went over w/ ex's money to get my truck up on ramps to work on it.. mgr said sale ended, i can't give you 10 dollars off.. what..??? that is what sign says.. ain't my fault, y'all employees didn't take sign down when sale ended. sign was up for last 3 days. i was there about 10 am. you can watch video at store.. i want my 10 dollars off the ramps in hutto.. y'all got policy. is sign is still up, cuz employee didn't do their job, give the customer the deal.... call me.. i'll pm y'all my phone number.. employees need training and y'all need policy ... i felt like maybe if i were a guy, i would have gotten the 10 off.. mgr was like, i can't do it.. i am like, what.. that is what your signs says... he said he can give me 10% off. i am like, i want the 10 dollars off like sign says.. i left, but i told mgr i was calling corporate.. nice guy, but y'all gotta have policy and train your people...

Store employees smoke at front door, stare at me getting out of my auto. Very creepy for me ....untrained employees. Employees r lazy , leaving last week's sale signs up , then mgr don't give sale on item. Bad policy, lazy employees... Stinky smoking employees stand at front door .. smoking cigarettes. .. staring at people getting out if auto's ..... Creepy....

Auto Zone is always here to Help!!!

Taking care of our team! That’s the way!

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Looking for this part for Nissan sentra 2004 2.5

Buenas tardes el precio de las juntas homosineticas de Spirit 91 exteriores xfa.

Ranger 2003 Std cabina y media 6cil Motor 3.0 Perno de diferencial Lo tendran y $

tentei usar o Apple Pay para pagar minhas compras, mas as máquinas de vocês não tem NFC. quando será possível pagar com Apple Pay, por favor?

buenas noches precio aquí en tapachula del galón de aceite de Transmicion automática para Honda civic 2005 ATF-Z1

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Want to know if you have in stock.

Lifetime Warrantee!!!

Número de teléfono por favor

Buenos días el precio de sensor de oxígeno de Chevy monda 2005

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Texas RoadHouse – Racine, WI

6228 Durand Ave, Mt Pleasant, WI 53406 (262) 554-8900 

1 day ago

Texas Roadhouse

Our October Artist of the Month, Riley Green, has a new single and it is 🔥🔥.

Listen to "There Was This Girl" below.
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You didn't come and now we are getting a restaurant that has home cooked food like Cracker Barrel. I kept asking you come but you didn't your loss.


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Party City – Racine, WI

2619 S Green Bay Rd, Racine, WI 53406 (262) 634-5530 

9 hours ago

Party City

Feel the power of Black Panther and harness it with your own costume! Watch the video to learn about the making of the Marvel Studios’ Black Panther costumes and then shop for yours. ... See MoreSee Less

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