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Walmart – Milwaukee, WI

401 E Capitol Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53212 (414) 967-7804

3 days ago


“You have to have…trust in yourself to do all the amazing things that you want to do, because you can be anything.” Just ask Laurie Hernandez.

Taking leaps with Laurie Hernandez teaches little ones to keep their eyes on the prize!

Explore gymnastics and shop her doll now at Walmart: #YouCanBeAnything
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Gangsta Barbie! See that they would play with

Wishing I had a daughter too

She can become everything except girl who looks like a Barbie! No thanks Barbie, you’re not coming to play with my daughter. My little child brain thought when girls grew up They got tall and big breasted just like Barbie. A Very disappointing little me grew into a woman who was 5 foot one and that size B.... and a whole different ball game once I had kids. Wonder woman and Daisy Duke might have some similarities to Miss Barbie but they also didn’t have a kid sister name skipper who looked just like me till I was 23! Sorry Barbie, no love here!

Is there a plumber or electrician Barbi? Just saying, because the glass ceiling can be broken quite readily there.

Walmart. The place to go if you want to see a circus of fools.

Look back on your life & think; did the Almighty not bring you through some tough times? Those difficult days you never thought you would emerge from and see the light? Not only did He get you through them, He also taught you how to do better the next time; so stop worrying and shop at walmart😚😚😚

I dream of a walmart without people. oh wait that's amazon. The walmart I always wanted.

Yes you have to trust in yourself before you can do an amazing things.

Hey Walmart what do you call an employee that is so lazy that they will barely help a customer and just be on Facebook on their phone? Bingo a lazy employee that does not deserve a raise I keep seeing that at all of your Walmarts including the managers. Last time I told the manager that the men’s bathroom was so filthy I couldn’t even go in there and she gave me a look that she didn’t even care. Walmart employees don’t deserve a raise until they show that they want to work and be friendly

It gives the wrong impression that all girls should look, act like and be like Barbie.

There's a horrible article about the practices of this company on MSN, extorting money from people, a NYT investigation, which is pretty serious.

You have the most pathitic customer service in the world..

I ordered online and was questioning a certain product, so I called the help line they assured me if I ordered and didn't like it I could return by it in store. So I ordered. It was 2 pair of jeans for my daughters in med and xl. When they arrived they are so tiny they could fit a doll. Not just small waist but the lenth also. So I went to return them in-store but I was told I couldn't because they were from a third party. I have emailed Walmart four times. The first emailed they replied saying they would contact the seller. No email from the seller and every email since has been ignored. I am beyond pissed. So much misinformation, such horrible customer service.

Actaully,I haven't seen little girls touch a Barbie in the last couple of years,and I haven't even heard them utter a single word about girls' toys. Sad to see/hear little girls playing FNAF or other games on cell phones....I wouldn't be too surprised if little girls started talking about how cool Minecraft is....

Hopefully at the same time little boys are being taught to respect the fact that little girls can be anything they want...

when I played with barbies it was "What's the worst thing I can possibly do to it?" I didn't give a crap about the jobs or achievements she had.

Beware someone stoled my saving catcher balance on August 1 from store 2269 which is in Washington not even my state and I’ve never been there so I’m letting you all know

Love to see girls dreaming of what they can acheive!

#GoldenRewards #DogTreats Do not buy these dog treats for you dog Bubba is extremely sick right now and won't eat or drink water. He's very weak and wont stop shaking or pooping blood (or what looks like blood). We took him to the vet today and they almost admitted him because his condition is so bad. They're a Walmart brand of dog treats make in China. After noticing that he wasn't feeling well I thought it was the treats and I'm right I looked them up online and they're being recalled for making dogs extremely sick and sometimes even killing dogs. Please do not buy these treats for your dogs.

Watch ordering online from outside companies. Customer service is poor at the one I ordered from and walmart won't even respond. Got a product did not even work out of the box, note other reviews saying same (I should and you should read the reviews) The stupid company sent me an email EMAIL and asked for a valid email to send a return label to, I replied this is a valid email, never heard anything else even though I have sent two more, asked for help from walmart CS and no response I will stay with amazon

#StandWithKerala We are in need of HELP. Kerala is reeling from one of its worst flooding disasters in decades. The death toll rises to 200 Red Alert sounded in 12 of the 14 districts, Hilly districts Wayanad and Idukky have been cut-off from the rest of the state due to landslides on the ghat roads . Shutters of 33 Dams (of 39 )have been opened, including that of Mullapperiyar, of which the control is wrested with the TN Government. 41 Rivers (out of 44) are overflowing well past the red mark . Cochin International Airport has been closed till 2 PM, 18 August as the runway has been engulfed. Your favorite summer destination,the lush green Munnar has been submerged. KSRTC and Railway have cancelled many of the bus and train services . Hundreds of houses and establishments across the state have been submerged already .Roads and bridges are either broken or swallowed up by the flood water. Nearly 3 lakhs of people were shifted to rehabilitation camps.lakh of people left their hard earned properties and took refuge at safer places with their relatives.

#stand_kerala #kerala_Flood Dear Walmart ഔർ state kerala,india is suffering a lot from floods and related calamities...many people lost their lives and our suffering still continues...So please if you can please help

Really you lost my trust and the returning policy become so bad and even the customer service

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If you have ever been accused of or caught stealing from Wal-Mart. You need to inform their overly aggressive vindictive "loss prevention" "officer" that it is just a civil matter and to shut the f**k up. And inform the cops they call that it's just a civil matter. Because when you catch @Wal-Mart stealing from you "it's a civil matter", there's nothing the cops will do... they told the cops they didn't have anyone working to access the security cameras... but when I was shopping they had all but 3 registers open. When they generally have 1 or 2 only open. As soon as I said I'm calling the cops the management said something into the radio and here comes 2 girls with a rolling lock box shutting down registers and the custodian right behind them dumping the go backs so it looked as if they were short staffed...

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Sally Beauty – Milwaukee, WI

544 E Ogden Ave Unit 400, Milwaukee, WI 53202 (414) 278-8420 

2 hours ago

Sally Beauty

The best way to cover forehead cupping marks? 🤔 Glam faux bangs, of course! WBTV Charlotte News Reporter Kristen Hampton WBTV Good News got hers at Sally 😂

Kristen Hampton WBTV Good News
I just bought some clip on bangs. 💅🏼
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What are cupping marks?

Why would you get your forehead cupped? Just why?

It look good next time buy a color that match your hair but it look good on you

Ok your hair is suppppperrrr cute! Quick question, is your steering wheel on the right side of your car?

just use some concealer....the clips are like those on extensions...yes bend open

Looks great from Canada! 👱🏼‍♀️

Ninja Bangs.... you're so funny!

They actually look really good

love these! stopping at sallys tomorrow

I could watch you all day, you have a beautiful personality! And yes, you do look cute!

Nicole Lane check out these bangs 😮

The next best soul to Bob Ross—“God bless you all.”

I wasn't aware this was a common problem

You are hilarious but I love watching you!

you need a drum roll........

looks lovely, try to have real bangs

This was hilarious

She is hilarious!!

Love the look on your face

I love it and her!!

She is hilarious!!

This is so cute!

Love this gal!!

Love this!🤣🤣🤣🤣

Penny Ballard... show this to Abby LMAO!!!!

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Mattress Firm – Milwaukee, WI

3658 S 27th St, Milwaukee, WI 53221 (414) 282-9338 

6 hours ago

Mattress Firm
Is there anything worse than waking up before your alarm goes off? ⏰

Is there anything worse than waking up before your alarm goes off? ⏰ ... See MoreSee Less


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Yes, going to sleep 30 minutes before the alarm goes off...

I did that this morning to go and get Bruce

Yes, there is! Waking up on a $1300 mattress from Mattress Firm that is only 4 years old and having an aching back due to its sagging and quality. Then having our warranty claim denied because it’s “not on 5 slats” even though it is on 3 AND a box spring. In our guest bedroom we actually bought a frame from Mattress Firm itself that ONLY has 3 slats. Oh and of course the mattress tag itself says that the mattress can be used with OR without a box spring. Ridiculous.

It happens!

An Obama presidency

This company sucks. They tried delivering my mattress twice and didn’t even read the instructions on the ticket. They’re going to have to come out a third time. The lady at the store actually suggested that I just rent a pick up truck and movers and do it myself even after paying. There are plenty of other mattress stores to shop at. Please contact me and I’ll help you find a better one.

I do it all the time

Not waking up at all...

Shenequa Calderon - Williams

Finally falling asleep 10 minutes before the alarm goes off.

Yes , waking up hungrier then the day before lol 😝or waking up so many times cause your uncomfortable

That's funny !!



Yup waking up after the alarm goes off and being late

Smile Ha Ha Ha

I never have my years of work always set 2 alarms

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TGI Fridays – Milwaukee, WI

1 Brewers Way, Milwaukee, WI 53214 (414) 902-4201 

6 hours ago

TGI Fridays

🚨 Fridays $5 is getting a refresh, which means new food and new drinks, too! Consider this last call for your current faves! ... See MoreSee Less


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wouldn't go back to Friday's if it was free, last few times were a nightmare !

Delicious! Scrolling through my feed making me hungry.. Can we feature you guys?

Jenny 😘

Greg Dudek

Looks great!

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