Urban Outfitters – Madison, WI

604 State St, Madison, WI 53703 (608) 258-8818

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LongHorn Steakhouse – Madison, WI

418 S Gammon Rd, Madison, WI 53719 (608) 836-1830

Bad to the bone? More like bold to the bone 👊.

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Worst place to spend your money. Brought wrong items, brought cold potatoes , food not cooked to satisfaction. Clueless on how to make coffee. Embarrassed to have recommended to family member what I thought would be a great meal. Thank God the locations in Chattanooga and Hixson location know how to work a restaurant

Sitting waiting for 30 mins to be seated at your location in N Myrtle Beach and as we are finally being seated just one one side of the restaurant I see SEVEN open tables. Always bad service lately. Going to have to find a new steakhouse.

Had dinner at this location tonight and we had an AWFUL experience. Our server was inattentive, we waited 45 min for our food, my husbands was completely wrong and smothered in onions and mushrooms (server knew of a food allergy) waited another 20 min for them to replace his food. Server stated that she took it off of our check, no manager, no apologies nothing. As a former longhorn employee I’m embarrassed to say that I worked there, we will never ever be back. The food allergy was the biggest issue. The person allergic is deathly allergic and they seem to not care and not even offer an apology. I will be calling corporate

Last time we went to Longhorn we received a Gift card from Corporate ,and as you suggested we asked for the Mgr. and she was upset that we didn`t complain to her instead of Corporate,,,but we did and she ignored us ,,,, And as it was she never came back to check on us on the second night,,,,We don't have to goto Lady Lake, Fl There are a lot of Longhorns around driving distance from my house, we enjoy going to the Villages and make a night of it,,No response is needed and we are not looking a free meal,,,,,Thank you,

Terrible I mean TERRIBLE SERVICE from the hostess and MANAGER! We went there early (pre busy time for a Saturday) . We had a party of 8. They told us 10-15 minuet wait. After about 30 minuets we asked what was taking so long. The manager looked clueless then they finally figured out a way to put two tables together to accommodate us, meanwhile the manager disappeared. Our server was the best part of our experience. It was almost as if the hostess and manager were annoyed that they had to accommodate us. Let me also mention again that this was well before busy time and there were numerous places for us to sit. Terrible customer service. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Horrible experiencewaited to be seated just looking at us, seated without flatware,, salad comes still no flatware, had to flag down another waitress for flatware, ordered well done steak had blood in it sentthe steak back and the sweet potato went with it. The same identical steak was reheated and charcoaled . The manager brought it out without the potato, the asparagus were cold by now. Then the manager ask me what did I want her to do? She erased the tab but the inattentive attitude of this restaurant is awful, Worst

Wife and I just spent our 49th anniversary here ! Great Food !

where's my Wild West Shrimp

I’ve gone to eat here maybe a total of 7 times and out of those 7 times I can say 4 of them were bad experiences. Don’t know how I feel about it anymore.

wish they served the meals with raw Garlic as the picture shows. I always try to eat raw Garlic at least 4 times a wek

What’s for supper can’t decide !

This looks good and tasty! But when I go the Flo's Filet I will most probably get! The Flo's is Tender, Juicy, Yummy and Delicious LongHorn Steakhouse!🤤😋

Nope, I still want my Flo's Filet.

....still waiting for you to open a Longhorn Steakhouse in my area

My favorite cut! Never got a bad one at my local Longhorn

Love my Flo's Filet !!! Great food !!!

Good steaks

That steak is great

Anytime and any day

I need to visit!!!!

I want it!


Andy Hernandez

Kaiva Brown

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Verizon – Madison, WI

4610 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53704 (608) 249-1435 

1 day ago


We’ve installed enough fiber-optics to wrap around the Earth 500 times. That allows our 5G Ultra Wideband network to transfer massive amounts of data at speeds 20 times faster than 4G. #FirstOn5G ... See MoreSee Less


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5G is great and all, just have an issue, want some thoughts. I saw this ad on Verizon and called to upgrade. My family and I have been loyal Verizon customers since the early 2000's Its a shame Verizon doesn't take care of it's loyal military customers who use their cellular devices as their primary communication devices. I was emailed an add to upgrade my current device and it was terribly misleading. It's a ploy to get you into the store and succumb to buying a new device with zero incentive. I left the store empty handed and time wasted. The following ad said I would get $100 off this phone. But, if I wasn't a Verizon customer I could trade in my phone from another provider and get $300 off. Not only did they not offer me the phone for $100 off, I talked to 2 different people who kept trying to sell me the same phone with a different deal (this is bait and switch). This is not only illegal, but unethical. Something I did not expect from this company whom I have been a loyal customer for so long. A friend of mine recommended T-Mobile. Any thoughts?

how about you fix your freaking 2.4 ghz on your BS routers you force people to use? .66 mbs and 1.46 upload. Every freaking day. I never thought I would utter the words time to look at COX again.

I'm wondering what has happened to Verizon..used to be the best. Now we have dead spots all over town. Hell, it's a favorite topic on our community FB page.

Cool. When are you bringing it to the country? You know the rural community that can barely get enough speed to surf the web because we are all sharing one tower. I'm not talking about the isolated house on a lone country road. I'm talking about a whole community that pays hundreds of dollars a month to be completely disappointed in our phones and electronic gadgets because we can't get the speeds we need for them to reach their full potential. You know, the $1000 dollar phones that you charge $12 a month to insure but barely work because we have no internet service.

Verizon needs to concentrate on improving 4G and the poor coverage areas then consider the option of 5G if someone cared to have it !!

When can we expect a good signal in 01075?

Why is travel pass so bad? Can’t make calls, takes too long to get messages? Screw 5G. Fix what you have already.

I wish I had better signal where I live 😏

How about better service in Fairfield Pa.? I switched to you from AT&T and your service is horrendous there.

I like how you deleted my comment. Can’t say I’m surprised

When that gonna happen.? Because I still have poor signal.

Do you guys charge extra for international roaming?

We live in the mountains and our reception is terrible! In a phone call, I may lose the call several times in 20 minutes. We need more towers that can reach higher elevations. Excited though that we are getting fiber optic in our area finally. That will put the cable company in their place. They have had a monopoly on us and charge outrageous fees! Thank you.

Carren and I have mysteriously been getting charged $15, $30, $45, or more for data overages SINCE OUR PHONES GOT PAID OFF. We're not doing anything different that we can tell, and Verizon's customer service has been ABSOLUTELY NO HELP. Anyone else getting charged for something they can't explain?? www.ecnmag.com/news/2016/09/thousands-verizon-customers-report-unexplained-surge-data-usage

Fix rural Wisconsin before you "improve" everything else. Rural Kewaunee has terrible service, yet fiber optic cable runs right past the house. Internet is poor, and cell service as bad.

I hope it improves my signal. It went from 5 bars to 1 or 2.

This is ridiculously! Just purchased a phone online & the inconvenience I just went through. First you guys say the order went thru, then it didn’t, then it did & now I have to pay again. Maybe I should just stick to sprint because now I have to wait an extra 2 days to receive my order that may never come.

Dear verizon why are you forcing me to pay for something I dont want? Since i can not post it here, i posted public on my profile. I hope it gets shared everywhere. Please go to my profile and look at my last post


When will it be available in the rural areas?

What is the anticipated timeline(s) for the 5G cables to make it to each state or across the nation? Are there things that certain cities and especially small towns can do to request getting 5G?

No FiOS available in 18360. Why is this and when can I expect it? Our cable company has the monopoly on internet service up here and I hate it. Please please please give us another option

Verizon are you doing anything for straight talk customers that were hit my hurricane Michael? I have heard reports that you are but not from anyone official. I am a straight talk customer who lost 2 weeks of service that I already paid for and would just like a clear answer

Lol 500 times eh? We have no FiOS out in Bolivar MO. Make it happen Cap'n

We need this in South Florida. FiOS was so reliable & fast up north. The competition down here has a 1 star rating.

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Walmart – Madison, WI

4198 Nakoosa Trail, Madison, WI 53714 (608) 241-8808

11 hours ago


Meet Ana! She’s an associate at our Garfield store, and is *very* excited to answer your questions about all things fall. #TeamWalmart ... See MoreSee Less


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She looks just like america ferrera

i love Walmart but there has never been a Walmart greater than the one on Monterey hwy in san jose CALIFORNIA. best and most helpful workers EVER!

Please hire more cashiers and open more lanes. If I wanted to check myself out I’d stay at home and shop on Amazon.

Be careful when ordering from Walmart online. You may be buying from a 3rd party vendor with inferior product, packaging and return policy. My seagrass basket was shipped in an envelope and arrived mangled and damaged. No luck in reaching the vendor and Walmart won't take it back at their store. Lesson learned...never again. I'm glad it was only $17.99. #walmart #teamwalmart

I bought a lawnmower online and after 100 days of owning it and cutting only 3 lawns total it died and I missed the 90 day window for taking it back!! Come on Wal Mart you have more money than we do They won't stand behind their product they sell online!! Buyer Beware!!

Don't care about this stuff.. What I do care about is getting everything I paid for. 3 Sundays in a row I have gone to Wal-Mart. All 3 times I was shorted a bag. One time was a 4k 30 dollar movie I had to go back for.. Other 2 times food and I live 60 miles away. What a joke. Going to Safeway from now on.

Oh my God that hamburger was so scary look at all those calories

She is awesome and makes people shop ...looks approachable on things I need ...

She is very pretty, and I like that smile. 🙂

She looks like Amy from Superstore . . .!

I love superstore! And Ana is an awesome associate. Go Walmart!

Want to thrill me at Halloween and every other day of the year? Open more than two "manned" registers between the hours of 3:00 and 6:00 PM when people on their way home from work make a quick stop to pick up items they need to make supper. You know, to feed their kids?

I manages accounts for clients who cannot trade forex / crypto and bitcions make them consistently profits over an agreed period of time without risking the investment capital provided by the client..i will manage your fund and trade for a weekly return of 15% on your investment capital based on a contract......have a great week ahead

Do not use their online pick up service. Bought a tablet. Try to activate it. so I couldn't find the activation number on the receipt. also was not given one on Pick up. So I spent all morning trying to activate a tablet that I bought and cannot use. So anyway,I keep getting passed back and forth from Samsung to Walmart. This is crap

Smart Walmart, she looks just like Amy from “Superstore”’ great gimmick!!!

No one at Walmart is trained 💯. Walmart gives u a few hours or maybe a day to learn ur job. Then ur on ur own. If she knows things it certainly is not due to Walmart.

Looks like America Ferrera. Wow how amazeballs.

Angie Underdown. Walmart is tired of superstore antics and is fighting back ... 🤣

Walmart’s new Savings Catcher program rolling out at the end of the month is saying SCREW YOU to anyone who isn’t a Millennial who does everything on their phones. If you want to enjoy the benefits of the Savings Catcher after November 1st you will be forced to enter all your banking information into the app and use Walmart Pay for your purchases, DON’T even think about using cash. Gone will be the ease of scanning in your receipts at your convenience. So be prepared to start saving all those receipts again just encase you need to make a return. I REFUSE to enter my bank information on my phone for ANY app to make a purchase. I don’t know about you but I often send people to the store for me to make purchases and scan the receipt at home. Now Walmart expect me to not only put all my banking information into my phone but give my phone to the person I’m sending to the store. I will be one of the older customers that Walmart is saying SCREW YOU too. I called to complain the Customer Service Rep could care less about the issues or the fact that it was going to hinder more customers than it was going to help. Hopeful if they get enough complaints they would change their minds and reinstate the current Savings Catcher program, call 866-224-1663 and give them your opinion.

Soggy pizza, thanks Walmart for 1) having poor service in store, 2) selling below dumpster quality food, and 3) not ever answering the phone. What a waste of space, good thing FEMA bought out all those 'closed' stores.

Jordan I thought this was a superstore ad 🤷🏼‍♀️

She is so sweet...would love to see her do more advertisements

Deanna Russo Ana? or Amy from SS??? I think Walmart knew exactly what they were doing here. LOL

I wonder how long it will be before she gets replaced by a robot

I like the smile but its only on video cuz when i go to any walmart its always bad customer service they get mad if u ask for help or they send you to another employee 😏

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Kohl’s – Madison, WI

7401 W Towne Way, Madison, WI 53719 (608) 833-9293 

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