Red Wing Shoes – Kenosha, WI

6430 Green Bay Rd Ste 120, Kenosha, WI 53142 (262) 764-9176 

6 hours ago

Red Wing Shoes

Get tips for protecting the investment in your boots. It’s all part of the Ultimate Fit Experience you’ll only find at your local Red Wing Store.

What’s your routine for caring for your boots?
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That’s all I use for my Redwing Boots is the care products that Redwing has And never had a problem


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Dick’s Sporting Goods – Kenosha, WI

9899 76th St, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158 (262) 697-5764 

Remember these? Pick a color ➡️ Pick a number ➡️ We will respond in the comments with the shoe pick that's right for you.👟
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loved these - Green/5

Blue, 3


I was addicted to this game, made a lot of these fun squares

Yellow, 2

Blue 5

Blue 3




Green 7

Isabel O'Neil

Yellow 6

need to refresh your stock

Yellow 5

Yellow 2

Blue 5

Red 3

Blue - 20

Blue - 5

Dick's Sporting Goods Open Final Round Live Online Live Link>> Live Link>> Live Link>> The Dick's Sporting Goods Open is a PGA Tour Champions event in Endicott, New York. It debuted in July 2007, supplanting the B.C. Open, a former PGA Tour event from 1971 through 2006.

How about instead of playing games you fix your terrible price match system. The DICK'S Sporting Goods online price match policy is horrendous. I took the time to verify the price match with an only chat agent, which she approved. I was then told that in order to get my price match code that I had to call the toll free number but to give the phone agent my chat reference number and they would provide it for me. PITA but ok. When speaking with the agent on the phone, I was told that he could not use the chat reference number I was given, but instead that he would need to re-verify all of the information. He placed me on hold for about 8 minutes and then came back and said I was good to go. I asked for my price match code and he said that he couldn't do that and that I could not place the order online, like I had originally wanted to, but instead I would be required to give my information to the agent on the phone and he could place the order. Not ideal, but I guess to save 25 bucks, fine. I give him my information and then he tells me, that he can't place the order for in store pickup like I could online, but that I would need to have the item shipped to me which could take upwards of 2 weeks instead. I would have just ordered it online from Amazon with free Prime 2 day shipping if that was the case! And then companies like this wonder why their sales are getting hammered by the likes of I will be avoiding Dick's at all costs moving forward and will be purchasing all of my family and my team's sporting needs any where else. What a waste of time...

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GNC – Kenosha, WI

7220 Green Bay Rd #2723, Kenosha, WI 53142 (262) 942-7022

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IHOP – Kenosha, WI

7200 75th St, Kenosha, WI 53142 (262) 948-1813 

3 days ago


Go on a pancation with IHOP's International Pancakes. Starting at $4.99. ... See MoreSee Less


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International House of Planes?

That is a 737-800. I am surprised how acurate the aircraft is so a commercial like this.

Just found this in my last onion ring.

I've had it with these motherfucking pancakes on this motherfucking plane!

this IHOP is disgusting. my best friend was served a RAW hamburger. my child and I are both sick after eating my seemingly cooked one. we called to ask for our money back and were told by the district manager that he would only give us a gift card, cause who isnt trying for two rounds of food poisoning? I explained that I would probably have to miss work tomorrow because of this and that my child who has several health issues will probably be up all night and he said "your sick child is a doctors problem not mine" and hung up on us. we will be calling corporate. this is disgusting both the illness and the managers attitude

Please list 2 peoples names here, and they owe you pancakes. Names must start with an M and S Mari Casildo Saraa Neri. You guys owe me pancakes

Sad the place is closed. Was nice to have an older traditional place. The newer locations are never as good

Do kids still eat free on Monday's???


Very good place to get a severe case of diahrea.....extremely crappy food and service..

The Belgium Chocolate stack with strawberry syrup is amazing! Loved every bite of it. Only thing wrong were the eggs that came with my combo. I asked for hard fried and they came back shiny side up. Twice they made them and each time wrong. I left them on the plate.

Tre' when are we going on pancation?


Had the worst possible experience tonight at your Joplin MO location.

Your just a Jack of all Menu. Master of none.

What a trip lol

Pancation? NOT

Nice vid of a 737-800

Mmmmmmmmmmm see you soon

Loved them!!

Do children eat free


Jérémy Vanderveken Pq on a pas ça ici sérieux 😭 . 🥞🤤🤤

Missy Reddo we need a pancation 😩😂😂

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Sherwin-Williams Paint – Kenosha, WI

3810 52nd St, Kenosha, WI 53144 (262) 656-0033 

3 days ago


After a humid summer day, it’s time to draw yourself a bath and turn up the tranquility. You’ve more than earned it.
Cadet SW 9143
Autumn Orchid SW 9157
Queen Anne Lilac SW 0021
Whirlpool SW 9135
Halcyon Green SW 6213
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Very very very good

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