Home Depot – Green Bay, WI

810 S Taylor St, Green Bay, WI 54303  (920) 405-0893 

11 hours ago

The Home Depot
Updating your bedroom lighting is an easy way to create a more restful, stylish vibe. You only need a few tools to do it yourself. https://thd.co/2OttIiS

Updating your bedroom lighting is an easy way to create a more restful, stylish vibe. You only need a few tools to do it yourself. thd.co/2OttIiS ... See MoreSee Less


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Item # would be helpful!

Are the steps for changing an exterior light fixture the same?

this guy needs a shave

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Walmart – Green Bay, WI

2440 W Mason St, Green Bay, WI 54303 (920) 499-9897

11 hours ago


Meet Ana! She’s an associate at our Garfield store, and is *very* excited to answer your questions about all things fall. #TeamWalmart ... See MoreSee Less


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i love Walmart but there has never been a Walmart greater than the one on Monterey hwy in san jose CALIFORNIA. best and most helpful workers EVER!

She looks just like america ferrera

Be careful when ordering from Walmart online. You may be buying from a 3rd party vendor with inferior product, packaging and return policy. My seagrass basket was shipped in an envelope and arrived mangled and damaged. No luck in reaching the vendor and Walmart won't take it back at their store. Lesson learned...never again. I'm glad it was only $17.99. #walmart #teamwalmart

I bought a lawnmower online and after 100 days of owning it and cutting only 3 lawns total it died and I missed the 90 day window for taking it back!! Come on Wal Mart you have more money than we do They won't stand behind their product they sell online!! Buyer Beware!!

Please hire more cashiers and open more lanes. If I wanted to check myself out I’d stay at home and shop on Amazon.

Don't care about this stuff.. What I do care about is getting everything I paid for. 3 Sundays in a row I have gone to Wal-Mart. All 3 times I was shorted a bag. One time was a 4k 30 dollar movie I had to go back for.. Other 2 times food and I live 60 miles away. What a joke. Going to Safeway from now on.

She is awesome and makes people shop ...looks approachable on things I need ...

Oh my God that hamburger was so scary look at all those calories

She looks like Amy from Superstore . . .!

She is very pretty, and I like that smile. 🙂

I love superstore! And Ana is an awesome associate. Go Walmart!

Want to thrill me at Halloween and every other day of the year? Open more than two "manned" registers between the hours of 3:00 and 6:00 PM when people on their way home from work make a quick stop to pick up items they need to make supper. You know, to feed their kids?

I manages accounts for clients who cannot trade forex / crypto and bitcions make them consistently profits over an agreed period of time without risking the investment capital provided by the client..i will manage your fund and trade for a weekly return of 15% on your investment capital based on a contract......have a great week ahead

No one at Walmart is trained 💯. Walmart gives u a few hours or maybe a day to learn ur job. Then ur on ur own. If she knows things it certainly is not due to Walmart.

Do not use their online pick up service. Bought a tablet. Try to activate it. so I couldn't find the activation number on the receipt. also was not given one on Pick up. So I spent all morning trying to activate a tablet that I bought and cannot use. So anyway,I keep getting passed back and forth from Samsung to Walmart. This is crap

Smart Walmart, she looks just like Amy from “Superstore”’ great gimmick!!!

Soggy pizza, thanks Walmart for 1) having poor service in store, 2) selling below dumpster quality food, and 3) not ever answering the phone. What a waste of space, good thing FEMA bought out all those 'closed' stores.

Looks like America Ferrera. Wow how amazeballs.

Angie Underdown. Walmart is tired of superstore antics and is fighting back ... 🤣

Jordan I thought this was a superstore ad 🤷🏼‍♀️

She is so sweet...would love to see her do more advertisements

Deanna Russo Ana? or Amy from SS??? I think Walmart knew exactly what they were doing here. LOL

I wonder how long it will be before she gets replaced by a robot

I like the smile but its only on video cuz when i go to any walmart its always bad customer service they get mad if u ask for help or they send you to another employee 😏

She looks like Amy one of the main characters in Superstore I've been watching it on Hulu how funny is that

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Applebee’s Bar & Grill – Greenbay, WI

2420 E Mason St, Green Bay, WI 54302 (920) 406-8141 

Someone once told me to run towards what you fear. So, sprint down here to enjoy one of our Spooky Sips, made with Bacardi Superior and served Mucho. #DraculasJuice #BooLagoon

Someone once told me to run towards what you fear. So, sprint down here to enjoy one of our Spooky Sips, made with Bacardi Superior and served Mucho. #DraculasJuice #BooLagoon ... See MoreSee Less


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The dollar Zombie is where it’s at

I had the Dracula juice it was very good.

If only they had decent service.

We had the boo lagoon last night. It was really sour but good, loved the shark gummy.

Ryan Gorba please a date here before Halloween is over?!??

No alcohol and like it said a sip. That's all u get 6 dallir drink. Full of ice

Dailson we need to go for these and the dollar zombie drinks pleaseeeee

I had the Draculas Juice.....it was So Good!

I’ve tried both, get the Dracula’s Juice!! It’s the best! Of course you can’t go wrong with the Zombie drink that’s $1!! Had those recently too!

We definitely need to for old times

Traci Cowden can we go on a date. I want the Shark one 🦈

Breanna Anderson I think a drink &&silly time is in need asap!!!!

This looks good how long they going to have this for

I had them both and boo lagoon was my favorite

If service was better it would be worth it 😂😂 but the zombie 🧟‍♀️ drink is pretty good lol

They closed our Applebee’s in bowling green ky

Samantha Bruce didnt know they have two kinds of drinks.

Krista Lee Walsh??? I would love one of those drinks we had last time.


Yummy 😋 had the Dracula juice!!

The dracula juice is awesome!

I had one called Superman (red and blue), can’t tell you what happened that night! Ashley Shipp - I think I pee’d on my shoes!

Oh my !!!!! This may need to go down Ashley Longstreet

Jen, I want to go get the Boo Lagoon and more with you!

Diane Northup why didn’t we see these last night???

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Petco – Green Bay, WI

2515 W Mason St, Green Bay, WI 54303 (920) 490-0440 

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Target – Green Bay, WI

2050 Lime Kiln Rd, Green Bay, WI 54311 (920) 406-0755 

2 days ago


Found the perfect costume? Share your spooky style for a chance to be featured on #Halloween! Remember to tag @Target and use #TargetMyWay. 👻 tgt.biz/xkcmf ... See MoreSee Less


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Oh ya—Sofia has been a Target model for a while. She’s has amazing talent—and you’d never believe she was adopted from an Ukrainian orphanage!

So sweet

Linda niña preciosa qué feliz se ve Dios lo cuide y lo proteja

Go, Sofia, go!!!

Someone should really hire a better management staff at the NE Polk store. They just sold me a Used chi flat iron. I had to go back and point out how they were taken for a ride. Some jerk pulled a switch and return and their staff didn’t catch it. They placed it back on the shelf for resale and I was the next customer. It had hair on it! Come on people. Teach your employees about fraud and guess what compensate your regulars when they have to be major inconvenienced due to your negligence. Was a cup of coffee or a 10% coupon too much? Not only did you not show up at the drive up, I had to go back twice! I won’t stop shopping there but you should work on not pissing off your regular customers. Ps the fake apology really set me off. #normallyyourbiggestfan

I just bought the unicorn dog custom at @Target #Targetmyway

Jen Hardy is this Isabella’s costume?

If you want makeup high end all you got to do is roll and do a couple of surveys with in a week I got free primer and brushes points add up fast use my code 2987817 and get 50 free rolls and guess what you don’t need to use your credit card no info needed and it’s all shipped through amazon free shipping also as long as you got enough points for item free shipping in 2 days it sound crazy but it’s true!

Jennifer Lynn Varanini love seeing this !!!!!!

She is just precious!! Go Sophia!!

So cute!!


Bethany Crystal

Joyce Heinl it's charlotte

Sandra Assimotos McElwee

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