Petco – Green Bay, WI

2515 W Mason St, Green Bay, WI 54303 (920) 490-0440 

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Target – Green Bay, WI

2050 Lime Kiln Rd, Green Bay, WI 54311 (920) 406-0755 

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Home Depot – Green Bay, WI

810 S Taylor St, Green Bay, WI 54303  (920) 405-0893 

6 hours ago

The Home Depot

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went to HD and tried to return the range for a refund. I talked to store manager MICHEAL ANGLO. He said that he doesn't know how i got a warranty after a month of original purchase? Anglo also stated that i was having contact with Asurion and that was a good thing. I've 25-30 emails is excessive! Asurion is incompetent! I also told him i would contatct the tv news station that handles complaints from consumers in Houston area and tv station helps them resolve the problem. He said go ahead! I spent about 1 hour at HD 203060 hwy, 59 Humble TX 77338. I info Mr Anglo i was no taking the range back home. Mr Anglo said that was fine. I left the range there at HD. NOW i have NO range and NO refund. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

Eddie Armijo

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Walmart – Green Bay, WI

2440 W Mason St, Green Bay, WI 54303 (920) 499-9897

3 days ago

2019 is lookin’ real good for you, Kevin. We love that your first job post-college is with us. ☺️ Can’t wait to see what the future holds! | IG: @kingcharisma23

2019 is lookin’ real good for you, Kevin. We love that your first job post-college is with us. ☺️ Can’t wait to see what the future holds! | IG: @kingcharisma23 ... See MoreSee Less


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When you have $97000 in student loans to get that job at Walmart.

Maybe it’s a business degree and he’s going be a manager over many store one day making 6 figures. Quit being mean to someone that went to college and has a job. Good for him. And he will need a degree and a masters to move up to corporate. Bunch of dumb idiots on here.

Does anyone realize Walmart is one of the largest companies in the country and has great opportunities for college grads to work in high paying management positions and rise to executive levels? Why would anyone criticize this young man?

Rightttt Im sure he went to college to work at Walmart. There's probably just a limited amount of options for him and the same could be said for a lot of others in this economy. Im tired of Walmart posting things like this about their employees trying to fix their image. Your employees are still unhappy. Theyre kept under 30 hours to avoid giving benefits and many are on some form of government assistance. If you want to fix your image treat your employees better and let them share their positive experiences on THEIR terms. Not yours. You have a bad reputation as an employer for a reason. It's not just going to go away because you make some fresh out of college hire pose for a picture.

Maybe Kevin will finally open lane 13?

Get out while you can Kevin, Walmart is a dead end job, that capitalizes on their workers hardship. Get out and save yourself.

congrats guy, i have worked for walmart for 12 years, i love it, sure there are good and bad days but that is everywhere. Our store has had a few great store managers that all started out as cart pushers and moved themselves up to store managers and when they left they got great marketing jobs or went to corporate, and i don't think one of them went to college and stop being so negative about someone that is doing well and i bet in years to come he will have his own store, one thing about walmart you can advance quickly. an again congrats to you young man, your the bomb!!!!!!!! To many negative nellies out there. Also walmart has great benefits, 401k, able to buy walmart stock and quartely bonus's. what big corporation does that anymore, I love my store 4284 or i would not still be working there!!!

Knocking a brother for getting a job. I'm flabbergasted...

Good job. Work hard. You'll enjoy the fruits of your labor as each year goes by.

So EVERYBODY on here knows his story? Wow. I know people busting tables at restaurants because they cant get a job in their degree field. I'm sure he's applied for other jobs, but you have to start somewhere until other opportunities come through.

Never graduate college to work 11 dollars an hour

Kind of sad, I know right in the hardware department is the cover for that outlet on the wall for no more than $2 and Walmart still ain’t fixed this one in the pic. Smh

Brothaaaaa from anothaaaa mothaaaaaaaa! 🤘🏻🍾🥂👍🏻 congratulations

I think the biggest issue here is not that the man has a job. Good for him for doing what he needs to to pay the bills. The issue is colleges pushing to make a profit by talking kids into borrowing more money then they need and promising jobs for degrees that never happen. Stop shaming the guy for working!

Congrats Kevin. I used to work at Walmart until I had children. I hope you move up the ladder. Save Money Live Better 🥰

Goto school pay tens of thousands of dollars...get to work at walmart! Thats the American dream

Proud of you Kevin Brian Joseph Jr.!!!!!

Congrats on the job and the degree. My advice is you can judge a lot on a companies character. Seems like you have high praise there and that speaks volumes for a companies character.


$60k in debt to work at Walmart.

Wow, slightly avove minimum wage working 30 hours a week so your employer doesn't have to pay benefits! He's there because he has to be, not because he wants to.

Too bad he’s already not following dress code.

Uh you ever think he is simply working there for the moment until he finds what he really want to do out of college? Gotta have some kinda cash flow 💁‍♂️

A lot of young people start jobs while in college, this guy is probably one of them. Not every college student is gonna find a job with their desired career choice immediately following graduation, so for now he's got some way to pay some bills.

Im 24 And Currently Work at Walmart But its Temporary for me so Im not going to complain about the place but it would be so much Easier if Customers were more Polite that would help ALOT.....

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Applebee’s Bar & Grill – Greenbay, WI

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